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Pack of 2 DARIT Automatic Quick Fire Off Fireball

  • 🔥 DARIT Quick Fire Off Fireball: This innovative fireball extinguisher contains 90-94% pure ABC Dry Chemical Powder weighing less than 1.3kg and is ideally suited for paper and wood fires, electrical fires, and flammable liquid fires.
  • 🔥HOW IT WORKS: The DARIT Auto Fire Guard Fireball️ removes the carbon and hydrogen present in the atmosphere – leaving the oxygen alone! The Fireball fines to carbon and prevents carbon monoxide from developing – eliminating the fire. To absorb the remaining temperature, the fire extinguisher ball binds to the existing hydrogen then absorbs up to 2,200F°- which prevents hydrogen cyanide from developing. Carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide are the 2 most common poisons in smoke.
  • 🔥 HOW TO USE: The DARIT Fireball is an automatic system which works within contact of fire, releasing flame-neutralizing chemicals. Use the Fireball in fire prone areas with the mount/bracket and if a fire occurs while you aren’t home, it will activate and put out the fire at the source as the flames make contact. If you are home, simply roll or throw the DARIT Fireball in the fire. Within 2-5 seconds it will burst spreading the flame-neutralizing substances across a 905 cubic feet space.
  • 🔥 ECO-FRIENDLY AND EASY TO CLEAN: The dry chemical powder used in the Auto Fire Guard fire extinguisher ball contains Eco-friendly, non-toxic dust particles which can easily be vacuum cleaned or swept away with a mop and bucket. The chemical powder released by the Auto Fire Guard Fireball️ is safe for kids and pets!
  • 🔥 WHERE TO USE: The DARIT Quick Fire Off Fireball️ can be used as kitchen fire extinguishers for the home, a stove fire extinguisher, a car fire extinguisher, a office fire extinguisher, a boat fire extinguisher, a garage fire extinguisher, and even a race car fire extinguisher!

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Fire Ball

   DARIT Fireball Fire Extinguisher Ball

Fire Extinguisher Ball is a completely programmed fire douser. At the point when tossed or folded into fire, it will blast and smother the fire right away. You can likewise put it             where the hotspots are, for example, combustible articles, electrical switch box, gas tank and so on.

Fireball Fire Extinguisher Ball Specification.

Brand Darit
Size 17.5 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm; 1.5 Kilograms
Material Plastic Foam Elide
Item Weight 1 kg 500 g

Fire ball features

Fire ball function

fire ball

Fire ball advantages

Functions of Fire Ball

Lightweight and simple to deal with, the Client can remain back and toss into the fire from a good way.The Fire Ball lights following 3-10 seconds of presentation to open blazes and quickly douses the fire. Easy to utilize everything clients can toss a ball. No preparation is required, it tends to be utilized by any age individual. Stifles the fire quickly, fire can’t spread.

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