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DARIT Fire Blanket Hard Box for Home/Office/Car/ Emergency (Size: 1.0m x 2.0m)

  • Size: 1.0 m x 2.0 m, Material: 100% Glass Fiber
  • Durable, easy to use and efficiently packed. Comes in hard box packaging
  • Usage: Use during emergency of fire for covering person on fire
  • Easy and Quick installation, Can be used in commercial places and in the kitchen for safety purpose, Smothering persons on fire
  • Size: 1.0m x 2.0m, It is important in these instances to have a device that is portable, easily stored and accessible.

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Product Details

Fire Blanket Darit

Fire Blanket Hard Box

Any Container Or Hob Fire Can Be Securely Managed Right Away. Continuously Make Sure To Kill The Warmth Source And Permit The Thing To Cool Prior To Eliminating The Cover. Fire Blankets Are Amazingly Simple To Utilize And Offer A Quick And Viable Methods For Battling Fires.

The Fire Cover Is An Exceptionally Treated Fiberglass Texture That Is Delicate And Smooth And Doesn’t Bother The Skin. It Utilizes Fiberglass String To Fasten Folds And Flame Resistant Strips. Thusly, These Cycles ensure the Whole Fire Execution.

It Very Well May Be Utilized To Confine The Fire From Oxygen, Subsequently Controlling The Fire. The Fire Cover Is Anything But Difficult To Convey And Store And Easy To Utilize.


Fire Blanket Technical Specification

Size 1.0m X 2.0m
Fabric Material 2 Layers Of 100% Woven Glass Fiber Fabric
Packaging Hard Box
Installation Can Be Used Easily In Commercial Places And In Kitchen

Fire Blanket Features

Fire blanket Hard Box

How to use fire blanket

Fire Blanket use

Fire Blanket Hard Box

Pressing PVC Hard Box Unlimited Expiry Life, Easily Box Can Be Opened And Used Immediately.

Uses Of Fire Blanket

Blanket Is Uprooted With Ceramic Woven Fiber Glass Cloth Which Helps To Protect From High-Temperature Up To 1000 °Celsius. All Of The Three Segments Of The Fire Triangle Must Be Accessible: Warmth, Fuel And Oxygen.

Use of Strips

Fire Covers Generally Have Two Draw Down Tails Evident From Outside The Packaging. The Tails Are Arranged Near The Most Elevated Purpose Of The Fire Cover Which Allows The Top Lip Of The Fire Cover To Wrinkle Back Over The Customers Hands, Protecting Them From Heat And Direct Contact Burns-Through. The Customer Should Put One Hand On Each Tag And Pull Down At The Same Time Disposing Of The Cover From The Sack.

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